The Church has ascended in intimacy with God over the last 2000 years through growing in doctrinal knowledge, mystery, and maturity. But it has been a sad journey, since, at every juncture, the world rejects Her wisdom and offer of knowledge. So then, this historical process is like an ascending scale of sorrow, effectively for good visual reference, Am up to Am on the piano. Now, there are twelve total notes, composed of seven pure notes, the white keys, and five black keys, which are effectively discordant relative to our key. Too, the phases of doctrinal development can be seen as seven and as partitioned by five great sources of truth but also sources of "discord", since it is the very contention of these sources that forms the basis of religious separation from the Church by the attacking party!

The sources are these with the basic contentions:

1. God, the Trinity and Incarnation (discord with Islam) 2. The Supreme Apostolic Successor, the Papacy (discord with Orthodoxy) 3. The General Apostolic Succession and Oral Tradition (discord with Protestantism) 4. The Written Tradition, Scripture (discord with Enlightenment) 5. Reason (discord with modern Secular Apostasy )

The parable of the laborers perfectly images these realities to the T. The Church is "laboring to spread the Gospel and to develop the Deposit of Faith." The laborers are sent out at five junctures in the day, like the five sources that partition the process. Too, there are twelve notes and twelve hours in the day. Finally, the times of day that the laborers go out perfectly match up at or just next to only one black key, only one "source of discord".

Music, the Universal Language

Music is the ultimate language of the liturgy, and therefore should be the ultimate language for humanity. It is numeric, complex, and intertwined with emotions, and so, like letters of an alphabet, the notes can convey any experience whatsoever in a manner transcendent to any other vehicle or medium.

Music, the Ultimate Language of the Liturgy

But, it is also said by Holy Father Emeritus Benedict, where he himself echoes oceans of mystics, that the entire faith is summed up in the liturgy. But then, if the liturgy is the supreme image of the faith, and music is the ultimate transcendent language of the liturgy, then it follows, quite probably, that the whole of the essential dimensions of faith should be somehow mystically veiled in essential, natural music.

I have probed these questions and found, at a bare minimum, unbelievable analogies in the basic, natural, Western Music, that indeed summarize the near total essential dimensions of our faith.

Now, we don’t have time for an exhaustive treatment of all dimensions, suffice it to say, I will summarize the first three dimensions briefly and then show one of them, effectively the final one, in all its unbelievable coincidences (?!) of Catholic theology: the ages of the Church’s doctrinal Development.

Music Revealing the Ages of Doctrinal Development (Parable of Laborers)

Prerequisite: Music Revealing Catholic Mysteries

Prerequisite: Catholic Doctrinal History Imaged in the Pyramid and Apocalypse

Now, firstly, we have seen the profound analogies of the Days of Creation, or greater ages, and the octaves for the simplest RESOLVING scales: ascending joy and descending sorrow. There, we saw that just as you return to first note when you reach the eighth step, or octave, so the world at the end, the eighth age, returns to where it was in the first age (as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man: in Noah’s day, the near whole world is wicked, and the world is destroyed and recreated by water. At the end of the world, humanity is nearly totally wicked in the great apostasy, and the world is destroyed by fire, recreated into the eternal New Creation.).

We also saw that the first contrasting scale, descending joy, perfectly images the sacramental journey of the married deacon, so that if we set up the scale of the sacramental journey as of C down to C--if it is correlated to birth, the seven sacraments in Roman Rite order, and finally death-then the black keys perfectly pinpoint the times when a priest must give the sacrament, remembering that the black keys, or flats, are imperfect notes relative to the pure key, just as priests are imperfect mediums, sinners.

Now for the final contrasting scale, ascending sorrow. If is true that the sacramental life of the deacon concerns grace, the moral law, and the will of the soul, the one great, complex dimension of our faith, then this leaves the OTHER dimension of our faith, the intellect, or TRUTH, for consideration. Herein, the analogy of music will also, amazingly fulfill our aspirations!

Toward this end, the illuminative way of the Church is the growth in TRUTH, and so is like an ascending scale of sorrow: the Church ascends in knowledge and love of God with ever increasing doctrinal depth, but it is sorrowful since the world rejects her teachings at every stride. This ascending sorrowful scale has seven pure notes and five discordant notes that partition the seven at various points. The notes of DISCORD can symbolize the five SOURCES of DISCORD, of TRUTH, between the Catholic Church and those who separate themselves from her at the various points in history. The sources are, in proper historical order:

God, the Trinity and Incarnation (discord with Islam) The Supreme Apostolic Successor, the Papacy (discord with Orthodoxy) The General Apostolic Succession and Oral Tradition (discord with Protestantism) The Written Tradition, Scripture (discord with Enlightenment) Reason (discord with modern Secular Apostasy )

See the diagram above at the top of this article.

Above in the picture, every source, or black key, PRECEDES the phases of doctrinal development that ATTACK it. Also, note that there are seven phases of doctrinal development, or white keys, and not five, like the sources. This is because a common sense view of some of the history shows that sometimes, a particular source of discord is attacked in two phases rather than just one. How? Well, if it is two phases, those two phases of attack would be in particular first in PART, and then in FULL. Incidentally, I see two sources of the five that fit this characteristic:

The Trinity and Incarnation The General Bishops and Tradition

To elaborate, I think it is arguable that the Trinity and Incarnation were first attacked in part by the major heresies in between Constantine and Islam, and only later in full with that same Islam, as follows: let us consider Arianism, since it is the worst before Islam. Effectively, it is true that Arianism totally denied the Trinity and Incarnation. HOWEVER, it did NOT go on and attack CHRIST in FULL by DENYING the FINALITY OF HIS REVELATION. More specifically, perhaps the final attribute of the Christ’s Nature as the God-man is that he is THE FINAL WORD TO HUMANITY. "We await no new revelation." That is, if GOD HIMSELF has spoken directly to us about the fullness of Himself this side of eternity, what "Word" can surpass that? Hence, Arianism, which does not suggest extra-Christological revelation, is not then a complete assault on Christ. As for the other major heresies, mainly, Monothelyte, Monophysitism, Nestorianism, they do not deny the Trinity, and not even the full Divinity of Christ, but only some elements. Hence, this first great age is effectively only assaulting God’s special Nature in PART but not in FULL.

As for Islam, it clearly IS in FULL, not only assuming all Arianism, which is to say, TOTALLY deny the Trinity and Divine Sonship of Christ, BUT claims a SURPASSING REVELATION TO CHRIST, the Quran, or Muhammed.

Moving on to the second source above that I argue is first attacked in part, then in full, here we have the General Bishops and Tradition; here, I see the main reason that Protestantism occurred was because of the great moral corruption in the Church hierarchy. But then, this scandal was not immediate but clearly evolved over a couple centuries before the Rebellion, so I split the attack on these Bishops and Tradition to first in part, or Great Moral Fall of Hierarchy, then the FULL Attack, or total rejection of their authority, in the Protestant Rebellion. These things being said, we can now more fully understand the diagram above.

The parable of the laborers fits here

The twelve total notes in the scale, the pure seven and the five discordant, can image the twelve hours of the day in the parable. The Church, in this great age of doctrinal development, is "laboring" to spread the Gospel by "working out the fuller implications of the Deposit of Faith" against heretics, infidels, and sinners, who resist her continuously at every step. The laborers are sent out at five distinct junctures, which can image the Church’s five great sources of truth and division in the plan. Incidentally, when we number the notes on the piano in sequence like the hours of the day, then an amazing parallel occurs: every particular hour that laborers go out is adjacent to a black key, and only one black key so that, effectively, Christ is sending the laborers out one juncture per source:

A. "Go out at dawn and labor against those who would attack the Trinity and Incarnation"

1. Attack in Part: Initial Trinitarian and Christological Heresies; 2. Attack in Full: Islam

B. "Go out at the third hour and labor against those who would attack My Supreme Emissary, Peter"

3. Attack in Full: Great Schism

C. "Go out at the sixth hour and labor against those who would attack the General Bishops of My Church and their Tradition"

4. Attack in Part: Moral fall of clergy in later Middle Ages; 5. Attack in Full: Protestants Rebellion

D. "Go out at the ninth hour and labor against those who would attack Scripture, and all My Revelation from above"

6. Attack in Full: Enlightenment, age of Solo Ratio

E. "Go out at the eleventh and final hour, almost to sunset, when the darkness of sin and wickedness shall cometh back as it was in the days of the great kingdom of darkness that persecuted My Father’s initial children, and labor against those who would attack even Reason, the only vestige of truth left to a world without God!"

7. Attack in Full: atheism, relativism, hedonism, materialism, rejection of self-evident natural law (abortion, promiscuity, transgender, same sex…, frivolity)

Also, let us note that the music is a scale of seven pure notes of sorrow, and there are seven trumpets in Apocalypse (chapters 7-9). The trumpets, from previous articles, are seen as the Great Proclamations of Mother Church in her teaching, just as a trumpet is a sound of proclamation, and only those who heed the teachings, or faithful Catholics, will be protected from the spiritual harm that comes from not listening (falling into heresy and false doctrine) by a "Seal" of infallible teaching and pure doctrine in their forehead . Here, since the scale is sorrowful, it is a DIRGE. But Jesus said, "I played you a dirge but you did not weep!" The Church weeps from this dirge, but the sinful world NOT! They rather REJOICE at EVERY STEP, since they despise ALL that is Catholic.

1. Stick it to 'em, Islam, you are just as good a religion as Christianity! [Obama and the modern media]

2. Stick it to 'em, Orthodoxy, the Pope is a hypocrite!

3. Stick it to 'em, Protestantism, challenging the triumphalistic claim of infallible teaching, and those hypocritical Bishops!

4. Stick it to 'em, Enlightenment: we have finally shed all this supernaturally inclined religion, retaining the only true source of knowledge, REASON!

5. Stick it to 'em, Secular Apostasy, what need have we of reason in matters religion and morals? Either there is no God or gods at all, or else god is whoever you want him to be. There is no way to know whether any one religion is any better than another. And as for natural law, who needs it? Live as you wish, as long as you can get away with it, or it doesn’t "hurt" anyone!

Hence, just as St Peter wished to be crucified upside down, inverted, viewing the world completely contrary to how it should be, so the world, when it is completely fallen, views things utterly inverted twisted, flipped around the axis of heaven and earth.

Too, we can note, if we take the above scale from Am to Am and reflect it horizontally about the black key immediately to the left of Am, or A?, we get a scale that is DESCENDING and JOYFUL, namely, descending from not Am, but from G down to G, AND, all the same relationships exist in terms of HOW THE BLACK KEYS PARTITION the white keys. For example, G becomes pagan Rome, F# is the source of Trinity and Incarnation, F is the initial Christological heresies, E is Islam, etc… down to B? as Scripture, Am as Enlightenment, A? as Reason, and G as the Secular apostasy, or sundown. Here, this scale PERFECTLY IMAGES how the GODLESS look at the last 1700 years!

For them, pagan Rome, which immediately precedes the sequences, is NOT darkness or sadness, it is JOYOUS, and LIGHT! Why? Well, firstly, because it is devoid of the "unjust and senseless constraints" of Judeo-Christian culture! The Romans had morals like today: frivolous, promiscuous sex, sterilizing potions [primitive contraceptives], homosexuality, infanticide, orgies, glutton pools, the darkness and irrationality of paganism, greed, corruption, distracting barbarous athletics, and on and on. This is a salvific condition for our godless world today. Secondly, Rome was quite temporally advanced for its time, with materialistic glory, achievements, and advancements. This is also our modern world, only to a much greater degree: The secular apostasy, like pagan Rome, is godless: not literally pagan, but NEO-pagan: for example, effectively, atheism is practically IMPERSONAL paganism, since, like paganism of old, it asserts and infinite regression of finite, weak change immeasurably into the past with no beginning, except instead of personal gods in this change, there are just the impersonal elements of matter and energy. And relativism is effectively diabolical deification of the human person. Here, man does not seek to find an OBJECTIVE reality and fit HIMSELF to IT, but rather FASHIONS for himself a SUBJECTIVE reality and fits IT to HIMself! Which really means, each man is his own god. We now this radicalized insanity in the ever brewing transgender persecution: if someone CONSIDERS themselves a sex contrary to their blatant physical anatomical nature, we are now expected to corroborate the delusion, however innocent because of psychological or biological disorders that are not the person’s fault, because now, modern society is insanely beginning to believe it must respect every person’s subjective view of reality, even if it means one must go against one’s moral compass, or worse, even if objectively the view is utterly contrary to reality.

We also note that these beginning and closing phases of the "inverted, deluded, godless scale" are each HAPPY notes in the scale, or Gmaj. This is also corroborated by the godless view. Each end of this godless spectrum, interrupted by true light, is a happy occasion. We see this most profoundly but sadly in the European Union’s pathetic attempt to write a preamble to their founding documents that attempted to reference Europe’s "historical heritage". We all know what they did: THEY COMPLETELY SKIPPED FROM PAGAN ROME TO THE ENLIGHTENMENT! This IS a reflection of modern man. Modern man considers the entire history from 300~ to 1700~ as a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. As far as children of the Enlightenment are concerned, it would have been BETTER HAD RELIGION NEVER INTERERED with the temporal progress. The Enlightenment’s chief nature of thought was, amongst other things, the REJECTOIN OF ALL SUPERNATURAL RELIGION. It did not accept that there was any activity of God in which HE came down and REVEALED HIMSELF TO MAN. Rather, all religion in their eyes is MAN"S PATHETIC ATTEMPT to rise up and FIND GOD! Hence, the Catholic Church’s transformation of Europe into Middle Age Catholic Christendom, its struggle to work out the mysteries of God as Triune and Incarnate, its struggle with Islam, which totally attacks these mysteries, its contention that Peter is infallible, its assertion of religious authority in the face of Protestantism, and its working out of the questions of soteriology, are all bogus, a complete waste.

Hence, INDEED for godless man, the ever progressive shavings off of the Catholic pyramid of truth are a PLEASANT set of occasions, progressively stripping the world of the chains of religion and morality, finally bringing man back, in the now present godless apostasy of the last century, back to his happy home: No God, No Religion, No Morals, and TEMPORAL glory, technology, wealth, and advancement.

A final profundity. The godless scale that has the same relative nature as the true one, does indeed end in happiness. BUT DOES IT RESOLVE?

We have neglected to mention an obvious point in all music analogies: ALL THE SCALES resolve! They end with a sense of COMPLETION, of REST. But does the final Gmaj END IN RESOLUTION? NO!!! Effectively, the G is NOT the resolving joyful note for the key of Am. C is! Hence, G leaves you hanging, as you could play the scale over and over again, and never be SATIATED!

BINGO! THESE CIVILIZATIONS HAVE NO GOD, AND WITHOUT GOD, YOU CAN NEVER FIND RESOLUTION AND PEACE IN YOUR LIFE! "We were made for God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee, Lord!"

No material grandeur, no pleasures, no possessions, no technology, no accomplishment, and even natural affection of family and friend relationships can ever truly satiate the human longing of heart and desire. ONLY GOD! ONLY SEEING GOD FOREVER IN THE BEATIFIC VISION can FILL US WITH WHAT WE LONG FOR!

Hence, even the inverted godless scale contains a vestige of revelation to the deluded mind that assigns messianism to the mere secular order, however incredible. It shows that it can never give lasting, RESOLVING happiness. And THAT is PROFOUND and TRUE!!!


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