666: Literal Numerology is Dumb

So Caesar Nero's name added up to 666 and presumably one particular theological title of the Pope adds up to 666 and presumably Ellen Gould White's name adds up to 666 and what does it prove?


For whereas the first person in this list whose name adds up to 666 is utterly diabolical. the second person in terms of what he has to offer the world is the fullness of beauty and goodness, and the third person is kind of a mixture, she is a good Christian but just very much misguided in certain things.

No one on earth can help what their title or what their name adds up to in the letters of any language.

It has nothing to do with who the person is in their heart and mind.

What 666 means in reality shouldn't have anything to do with Greek or Hebrew alphabet letters, that is stupid.

It should have theological symbolism, so read below for something that really matters.


The second reason for preliminary ages to precede the Incarnation is humanity's severe tendencies toward materialism and paganism because of its fallen nature. To illustrate, we perhaps recall the infamous "mark of the beast" in the New Testament apocalypse and that its number is 666.

A mystical way to look at this symbolism is to reverse the relationship between God and man. We see this by first recalling that 7 is the number of perfection and so, in one sense, of God. It follows that 6 is a symbol of imperfection and therefore of man, who falls very short of God. But then, just as God is three Divine Persons in one Nature, so three 6’s in one number symbolizes man [6] making himself as God [three in one].

Consequently, whereas GOD made man in GOD'S Image and Likeness, the flip side is that, through the evil number above, MAN makes God in MAN'S image.

Subsequently, when MAN makes God into MAN'S image, one greater result is paganism, which is precisely the nature of man projecting his image onto the Divine. For, in paganism, the deities are largely a reflection of the fallen nature of man, themselves finite in power and in constant struggle according to diverse, and many times arrogant and selfish, passions.

An additional severe form in the nature of man making God into his image is the blasphemous tendency of humanity to even deify themselves, presuming utter independence from God, the makers of their own destiny and fulfillment, and the final arbiter of truth.

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