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Lord, Even If There Were 40 Righteous…. | Jesus and Peter on the Beach

“Lord, I have been thinking. You have said that he who hears I and my brothers hears You, and he who rejects us rejects You. Is this really true, Lord?”

“Yes, Kepha, it is true for those who fully with their mind and heart reject My Church, founded upon thee.”

“But, Lord, please let me ask. I know that You have said that You are Three in One with Your Father and the Spirit between Thee. Lord, what if there were some persons who believed in Your Gospel somewhat, but did not believe in Thee as Three in One and as Thee, the Divine made visible, yet they did not know what they were doing, and still tried to do the Father’s will. Could they be saved?”

“For the sake of the love of My Father upon them, and their desire to do the will of My Father, I would have mercy.”

“But, Lord, let me go on. What if there some who did not believe that I was the Rock, and was only really just like my other brothers. Could they be saved?”

“If they were wounded against thee, Kepha, or did not understand, for the sake of thy other brothers, I would forgive them.”

“Still let me probe, Lord: what if many should arise who were wounded by me and all my brothers, and could not bear to listen to us any longer, only the Writings that proceed from You. Could you have mercy on them?”

“If they were truly wounded and could not trust thy brothers, for the sake of I, My Father, and the Spirit between Us, and the Writings that proceed from My Mouth, they could be saved.”

“See, Lord, Jesus, Master, how I probe, because I know that You alone have the words of everlasting life, please tell me. What if the ones that walk away from I and my brothers should take up thy Writings and confound them, and that, because of this, the world would lose faith in Thee and no longer believe but persist in unbelief. Would you then condemn them? For You have told us that there comes a rebellion at the end, and that then Thy Spirit is vanquished and pushed aside forever.”

“Kepha, I will tell you a mystery. There will come a day when the world blasphemes the Spirit. And it shall not be forgiven at that time, or any further. But before this, Kepha, there is My Father and I. Kepha, do you remember when I told you that they would persecute you?”

“Yes, Lord. You said that they would bring us before governors and rulers.”

“Yes, Kepha, child of My Father, remember that I have told you that you shall soon partake of My Cup. You will stretch out your arms and the men of this world will lead you where you do not want to go. I will tell you now the mystery.

“Know this, then, that for a great time, many of My children shall suffer as thee. The world will not understand that I did not come to rule the world by its power, but by the power of My Father’s love. For this reason, the ruler of this world shall become puffed up and say that he is greater than My Father. In this way, he shall blaspheme Him, as will all that worship him. But by My Blood, and the word of their testimony, they shall love not their loves unto death, and shall overcome him. In this way, My Father’s love will triumph over the haughty, and I shall forgive this blasphemy.“

“Lord, will the world then blaspheme Thee, at that time?”

“No, it will not yet be the appointed time. But as many children of My Father will go out from Us, as you have probed, I say to you that because of this hatred and discord, the world, as thou hast seen, will leave Me.”

“Then, Lord, shall you not condemn it, for it has rejected You, the Savior?”

“Amen, Amen, I say to you, Kepha, I have sworn by heaven and earth that if the world blasphemes My Father, I will forgive it, and if it blasphemes Me, I shall forgive it. Only against the Spirit is there no mercy.”

“How, Lord?”

“Behold, when the world falls away because of My disciples that have not been one, and that have not loved one another, the blasphemy shall be against Me, for the world shall say, Look, the disciples of the Son are divided, and their message is as numerous and divided as the sands of the sea, therefore, we need not the Son.

"But behold, I did not come to condemn the world but to save it. And herein is a great mystery: at the appointed time, when the world has grown fully wicked, they shall descend into the fruits of their labors. For, a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Then, as the darkness is brought to light, is shown for what it truly is, the world shall repent, and come back to My Father. And then there shall be peace for a great time, like no other that has been or ever shall be. And so their blasphemy against Me shall be forgiven.”

“Lord, then, how they shall blaspheme the Spirit?”

“Behold, after this age of My Father’s Love from the Spirit, the world will grow wicked once more, and their labors of birth shall return. Then, because they have not received a love of the truth, nor of My Father, or I and the Spirit between us, that they should bring upon themselves a lie, they shall seek salvation in the world. And then the evil one of this world, the son of perdition, shall arise. And he shall say that there can be peace apart from Us, using only the powers of this world.

“Herein, Kepha, shall My Church proclaim the final word unto man. She shall say unto antichrist, how canst thou say that this world alone can bring peace when an age ago, the world had its own power but not the Holy One and almost perished, and yet then, with the Holy One and the powers of the age to come, flourished.

“And antichrist shall say, that the world without the Holy One perished was a fluke. We got into a rut. And as for the age of peace, your so called powers of the age to come had nothing to do with it. It was the powers of this world alone that secured it.

“This, Kepha, shall be the blasphemy against the Spirit!”

“Lord, please explain: how is this blasphemy against the Spirit?”

“Hear, Kepha, the mystery. When there is peace, there is no evil. Kepha, can you think of the worst evil of man against man?”


“Yes, Kepha. Where there is peace, murder is no more. Kepha, who then is the most murderous of all?”

“The dragon, Lord!”

“Yes, Kepha. So do you see that peace means that the murderer is chained, or cast out of the world?”

“Yes, Lord, I see that when there is peace, the prince of this world is cast out of the world, in the abyss.”

“Now, Kepha, I ask you, what does antichrist say casts out this evil?”

“The powers of this world, Lord.”

“Yes. And now it is revealed: from the mouth of antichrist, the frog proceeds: the prince of this world is cast out of history by the powers of the prince of this world.”

“Ah, I see now Lord! Antichrist shall say that by the power of evil is evil cast out, and yet, the Pharisees have said the same: that by the power of devils are devils cast out.”

“Yes! For this reason, shall the world have no more mercy then. For I forgave them in My Father. I forgave them through Me, when My disciples were not one and hated one another. But once I show them the full darkness in the full light, and the true folly of their ways, and, were my Father not gentle enough, give them peace, and the world and My children reconciled, nothing more from My Sacred Heart can I give if they spit upon the age of love and vindication, and blaspheme My Spirit!”

“This is a great burden, Lord, and too hard to bear.”

“Do not be weary, Kepha. This is not the appointed time. When these things begin to happen, the children of Our Father will begin to understand.”

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