Immaculate Virgin, Co-Redemptrix! The Mystical One who shall Reunite the Father’s Children

Bruno, the New Pharisee, and the Apparition

The man’s name was Bruno Cornacchiola . He was a Roman tram driver married to a good woman named Iolanda, a practicing Catholic.i Bruno had been baptized Catholic and received his First Holy Communion, but his religious instruction had been poor due to lukewarm parents and the city environment in which he lived. As an unfortunate consequence, during his service in the Spanish Civil War, he was converted to harsh Protestantism, believing the pope to be the cause of all ills. A violent and vulgar man, he frequently abused his wife and became virulently anti-Catholic.ii

It was into these conditions that a fateful day arose which would change Bruno’s life forever, the Eve of the Easter Octave, April 12th, 1947, on which Bruno had brought his three little children to a park in order to prepare a vicious anti-Catholic and anti-Marian talk that he planned to give on the succeeding day to a Seventh Day Adventist community. The talk would vehemently assault two supreme attributes of the Virgin, both related to her purity: Her Perpetual Virginity, and Her Immaculate Conception. The park was called Tre Fontane, or “Three Fountains,” and was believed to be the site where St. Paul the Apostle was beheaded.iii

As he was preparing the speech, “he realized his children’s voices were becoming faint and went to search for them[;] he found his children kneeling like marble statues in front of the grotto, repeating the words ‘Beautiful lady.’”iv Bruno could not move the children and became greatly frightened, crying out, “God save us!” “[A] veil [fell] from [Bruno’s] eyes,” and he saw the beautiful lady.v More specifically,

Bruno saw two transparent hands which touched his face and wiped his eyes, causing him pain. Then, he saw a tiny light in the cave which grew more luminous, as he felt an interior sensation of great joy. Finally he saw a beautiful woman, with a motherly but sad expression, wearing a green mantle over a white dress, and with a rose-colored sash around her

From here, the profundity overwhelms, as the Virgin begins a loving and chastening discourse with Bruno:

"I am she who is related to the Divine Trinity. I am the Virgin of Revelation. You have persecuted me, now is the time to stop! Come and be part of the Holy Fold which is the Celestial Court on earth. God's promise is unchangeable and will remain so….Live the divine doctrine. Practise Christianity. Live the Faith,...Pray much and recite the Rosary for the conversion of sinners, of unbelievers and of all Christians."vii

Years later, the beloved Sisters of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation, an order founded out of these events, would elaborate wonderfully on the messages further:

I am who I am in the Divine Trinity: “The Virgin Mary reminds us that She is intimately connected to the Most Holy Trinity: She is the daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.”viii

I am the Virgin of the Revelationix: Our Lady implies in all beauty that She, through Her Immaculate purity in all ways—body, mind, and will—is inseparably conjoined with the absolute purity of the Church—one, holy, catholic, and apostolic—a Church that possesses complete immaculate light in all her formal teachings on faith and morals. All that is proposed by the universal and regular Magisterium of the Church is true, pure and holy, just as the Virgin utterly receives all truth, purity, and holiness into her being. Consequently, the Virgin urges Bruno to return to the Ark:

The Virgin Mary, through Bruno, exhorts all who are outside the Catholic Church (Holy Fold) to enter or to return because it is founded by Jesus Christ on Peter and His Apostles. The Church is the universal ‘Sacrament of Salvation’ for all of humanity. Mary invites us to return to the pure fount of the Gospel, that one finds only in the Magisterium of the Church, that is in the Holy Father and the Bishops united with him.”x

The New Adam and the New Eve, the Old Pharisee and the New Pharisee

Saul, Saul, Why dost thou Persecute Me? I am Jesus, whom you Persecute!

As we have just seen, the Virgin is calling Bruno back home, to the Church. She is opening his eyes to his blindness. Considering that the site of these miraculous and marvelous events is the place regarded as St Paul’s martyrdom, can we not but help see the astonishing parallels? In fact, Our Lady told Bruno that he would be a new St. Paul.xi If we revisit the essentials of Paul’s story, we will see the immediate semblances. As we know, he began as Saul, a hardened Pharisee, self-righteous in the Law, despising the Gentiles as beneath him, and filled with hatred for the children of the New Adam, whom he considered blasphemers since they declared the Christ Divine. On that fateful day, on his way to a city to murder and persecute the New Adam’s children, he was cast to the ground, and chastised. Later, veils were removed from his eyes, and he could see the spiritual light. He had been reborn by the Spirit that emanates from Jesus’ Sacred and Merciful Heart. A new man was created, and he would go on to lead so many countless Gentiles of race and tongue to Jesus, His Savior, people that he had previously disdained merely because “they were not of Abraham.” The incredible thing, then, is how profoundly Bruno fills up in his flesh the mystery of St Paul relative to the New Eve!

[Bruno, Bruno], you have persecuted me, now is the time to stop! [I am the Virgin of Revelation!]

Yes, an Old Saul and a New Saul; a New Adam and a New Eve. In fact, to step back in our chronology, Bruno’s wrath against the Church was so great that, at the time of these events, he was plotting to soon murder the Pope. So then, just as Saul was on the road to murder children of of the New Adam, so Bruno was on journey to murder the greatest child of the New Eve. Similarly, just as St Paul was shocked into his errors and came to the see the light, Bruno, a veritable fulfillment of St Paul, was cast into crisis, comes to see the light, and experiences a veil removed from his eyes, enabling him to recognize a radically different reality than that which he perceived before. Hence, the New Eve opens a New Testament Pharisee’s eyes.

Here, briefly, we should note how New Testament Pharisees have profound similarities to Old ones. Some similarities are forthcoming. For example, Old Testament Pharisees are hard-hearted and unforgiving, and very conservative Protestants can be the same. Old Testament Pharisees tend to believe that they are special because they are Jewish, and that other kinds of persons are “sinners.” New Testament Pharisees believe they are special because they are Christians and many times believe that if a person is not Christian, they are sinful and out of favor with God. Indeed, how many conservative Protestants believe that if you die without being a Christian, you go to hell no matter what? In fact, some Protestant sects are so hardened, that they believe that unless you belong to their specific sect, you will not make it. Old Testament Pharisees believe that if you are truly righteous, you will be blessed in wealth and health. New Testament Pharisees tend to be the same: the righteous are blessed in all ways, but sinners suffer. Old Testament Pharisees go by the letter of the law, even when it is clear that it is not charitable, or that it doesn’t conform to common sense. Likewise, New Pharisees tend to take the bible literally everywhere, even when, at times, it clearly needs allegory or figurative language. Also, they ask themselves ridiculous questions like: the world is actually six thousand years old, so let us try to show that this is science. Or they ask things like, how did the kangaroos get to Australia after the Flood? What are the geo-political war scenarios of the end times? What are the dates and where the earthquakes will happen? Are you pre-, post-, or mid-trib? These are the insane and shortsighted conundrums that New Pharisees concoct in their blindness by lacking Tradition and the Episcopate, just like the Pharisees of Old debated questions like, “In the Resurrection, whose wife will she be?”, providing ample fodder for the Sadduccees to play with, just as the liberal Protestants use the conservatives’ goofy arguments for their own spiritual laughter.

Finally, though, we can really get serious and ask ourselves the fundamental and, dare we say, apocalyptic, question and mystery: will this debacle of Christian division ever be cured? The short answer is, if most fully approved Private Revelation is true, a resounding ‘Yes!’

The Reunion of Christians?

Here, as the Church—one in truth, one in love, and one in practice—we pray fervently for the day when all the Protestants in similitude to the old Bruno shall reenter the fold, the Mysterious Body of Jesus, the Bosom of Redemption, the Ark that alone can preserve its voyagers from the ocean of doctrinal and moral floods of human history, the Church! “And the Serpent spewed a flood, as it were, after the woman, in order that she might be carried away by it. But the earth helped the woman, and opened up its mouth and swallowed the flood that that emerged from the dragon...” [Apoc 12] And, just as we stated above, our prayers, most likely, will not be in vain! To elaborate, from EWTN scholarship into the fully approved Private Revelations down though the centuries, the best scenario that can assuaged from them is that the glorious reunion of Christians will become a major historical reality. Yes! The general revelations place us currently into a period of intermediate godlessness, with a conditional epic chastisement awaiting. With or without the chastisement, a glorious reunion of Christians and renewal of humanity into the Church will come. This, then, will usher in a beautiful age of peace, when nearly all men will live the Gospel in love. Only after this extended period of historical light will there arise the great apostasy, the personal Antichrist figure, and the associated end of the world itself.xii

How will They Be Converted?

Obviously, how this reunion will be attained would certainly be a subject for great profundity. For, what will open the eyes of the hardened heretics? In this regard, I do believe that some reasons for a future reversion can be suggested, and that such conjectures use, in part, ecclesiology that I have built before. But for now, we should first review theology that is already known for the reasons for separation.

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that the doctrinal development of the Church is not aimless, at least from a larger view.xiii To be more specific, once the doctrinal development proper of the Church began after Constantine, the trajectory follows a logical course: the dragon attacks the sources of Catholic truth from top to bottom, which is to say, from most reliable source of truth down to least reliable, and, at the same time, from the least evident sources down to the most evident. The five sources of truth, which derive from our common three [Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium] are:

  • Trinity and Incarnation
  • Supreme Apostolic Successor
  • General Apostolic Successors and Sacred Tradition
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Reason

In brief, the theology is as follows. First, the history:

  • Trinity and Incarnation: the heresies of the first millennium post-Constantine are mainly an assault on the Trinity and Incarnation: Arianism, Monophysitism, Monothelytism, Nestorianism, Apollinarism, Pneumatomachianism, Tritheism, Islam, and Iconoclasm, to name the main ones. And note, the Trinity and Incarnation is the greatest source of truth since it is God Himself and the foundational and central mysteries of our faith.
  • Supreme Apostolic Successor: the next great assault on the Church was clearly the Great Schism, and it attacks the source just beneath God, Peter. Peter is the most reliable source on earth, being the infallible guardian of truth for the Church. He is perhaps more evident to the unaided eye than the Trinity, since he is mentioned in the Fathers many times.
  • General Apostolic Successors and Sacred Tradition: the next great assault was Protestantism, and its driving force among all sects was a radical rejection of our apostolic succession and sacred tradition, clinging only to Scripture.
  • Sacred Scripture: After Protestantism confounded Scripture and all supernatural religion, a supernatural death occurred in the world [Enlightenment, French Revolution, Masonry and other solo-ratio movements]. Because supernatural religion was incomprehensibly confused and divided, the world rejected supernatural revelation, intervention, and grace, and clung to mere natural existence: reason, science, brute human effort, and so forth.
  • Reason: Finally, after reason was confounded and exhausted in countless naturally religious contexts, in innumerable philosophies and psychologies, in economic and social theories, and so forth, reason was discarded in favor of pure godlessness: atheism, materialism, relativism, nihilism, hedonism, frivolous entertainment, and the like.

Now to consider the inverse proportional relationship between reliability of truth from a source versus the evidence to support the source as being legitimate. Here it is easier to start from the bottom rather than the top:

  • Reason: The weakest source in terms of truth is Reason, the bottom of our pyramid. Unaided philosophy only gives foundational truth, as in basic monotheism and natural law; but it is the most evident source; all men have reason and can plainly see it. No man may excuse himself from seeking out truth with reason. "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God." [Ps 14:1]
  • Scripture: Scripture is less evident than Reason in the world, since only Christians have it in full. Scripture must be brought to savages. Until reached by missionaries, they will not know of it. Hence, Scripture is less evident than Reason. Yet Scripture is much greater in truth than merely Reason. Immensely greater. For from Scripture comes the story of salvation history, the innumerable characters, players, times, places, miracles, lessons, and so forth. What other writings can compare to the Bible? None! In another dimension, however, mainly to confine ourselves to Divine Revelation, Scripture is the most evident source of Revelation. All three forms of Christendom accept the Scriptures. On the other hand, the Scriptures are also the least reliable source of Revelation by themselves, since they are highly susceptible to misinterpretation without Tradition and Bishops. Protestants only have Scripture, but they are all over the board on truth.
  • Tradition and Bishops: the evidence for general Apostolic Succession and Oral Tradition is less in the writings of the Fathers than for Scripture. The vast majority of early church father testimony is clearly citing Scripture. Quotes that argue for valid Tradition and Succession from the Apostles are much less. But, again, Tradition is far more reliable than Scripture, since it gives the right interpretation.
  • Peter: Quotes in antiquity that speak of Peter's special office of infallibility are far less than quotes about general Apostolic Succession. Therefore,, Peter's special role in Apostolic Succession is less evident than general Bishops. But Peter is even stronger in truth than his other brothers combined, since with Peter, the fullness of truth on earth resides in Catholicism. Hence why the Orthodox are a little bit in error and debate a thousand years of what we know to be certain as dogma.
  • Finally, the Trinity and Incarnation lie above even Peter, since God is the ultimate source of truth; but those mysteries are so elusive, so hidden!

This theology allows us to place the great heretical rebellion in historical context: the heretics are third in the general ages for formal development, rejecting not merely Peter, like the schismatics, but all bishops and tradition. Too, we have seen that they lose the five sacraments that require that same Episcopate that they shed. We will return to this in much more detail later. For now, we are ready to present a couple theses on this question of division and reunion and to tie them to the Virgin, the Co-Redemptrix.

Toward this end, from much pondering in my heart, I believe two dimensions can help us unravel the mystery. Regarding these two concepts, we can already see from essential Catholic teaching that truth and grace are the supreme forms of redemption from God, and the Church is the infallible dispenser of both of these great treasures. As it stands, then, any participation of the Virgin into the Redemption of man must be inseparably and intimately united to these two great wellsprings. That being said, the two dimensions that I suggest are:

  1. The heretics will need to encounter the mystical triad relationship of Mary, the Church’s doctrine, and the purity of the Catholic understanding of human sexuality
  2. The heretics will need to experience the very consequences of their errors for what they are, their true nature

Now, one may ask, what do we mean by the first dimension? Let us probe it:

Mary the Co-Mediatrix, Mary the Co-Redemptrix

Firstly, if we consider that Mary is intimately tied to the conversion of heretics, then the very existence of heresy implies that there is rupture of Christian unity in the Divine Mystery. Christ knew that His disciples would separate from all eternity as the Son and even in His Human Nature. And yet the communion willed by the Christ is most intimately present in the Sacrament of Sacraments, the Holy Eucharist. Indeed, it is called, as the supreme Sacred Mystery, Holy Communion. The Mass itself, with the Sacrament of Thanksgiving as its apex, is a testimony to the sacred union willed by Jesus for his disciples. For, where the Catholic Mass is, there also is the sign and reality of the ultimate oneness Christ desires for His Father’s children.

Toward this end, the redemption is supreme in the Eucharist, the greatest grace. All other sacraments are merely sanctifying grace, whereas the Eucharist is God Himself. Hence, the supreme mediation of grace is the priest bringing us God. Yet, Mary brought us God from her womb! Mary contributes her flesh to the Christ! Hence, feeding on Christ means that in some sense we partake of Mary’s essence! Therefore, Mary is integral to closeness with God, so that Mary is integral to the transmission of the grace of God, and hence Co-Mediatrix!

The Mystical Union of the Purity of Mary, of the Church, and of Human Sexuality

We return, then, to the reality that if the New Adam converted His blasphemers, so shall the New Eve convert Her blasphemers, and this, precisely in her role as Co-Redemptrix. This role of Mary flows from the beauty of her messages above as the Virgin of Revelation. More specifically, as we saw, Revelation is intrinsically bound up with the authority of the Church, which gives it its infallible authenticity, and truth is an essential for salvation. So already, we have Mary’s purity as Mother of the Church and the Church’s immaculate teaching beautifully connected. This leaves us, in the reference above, with literal sexuality. Our Lady, through Bruno, does not now disappoint us! For, it was left out in our initial account of Bruno’s conversion that the very cove where the apparition occurred was a place of notorious immorality! Hence, not only do we have figurative purity of Mary and the Church, but now literal purity in the moral law as well. Consequently, I argue that Mary comes to sanctify these three wonderful realities:

  • Her purity, which we will see emanates out to all of her dogmas
  • The purity of the Church in truth [Our Lady of Revelation]
  • The purity demanded in literal sexuality [the cove fornication]

This, then, is the depth that we can propose in this first dimension: that Mary’s essence and purity is mystically united with the purity of Church doctrine and with the purity of the Church’s teaching on human sexuality. More particularly, we can argue that there is such an inseparable and wonderful union between these three constructs, that to the degree that Catholic doctrine is attacked by non-Catholic Christians, the other two principles suffer to the same degree. In point of fact, It works out perfectly. Let us develop it.

Firstly, these claims only powerfully and appropriately support the theology we just mentioned, namely, that Mary’s role in redemption must be inseparable from truth and grace, for truth means the Church’s spotless teaching, and grace means the power to live in God’s love—the sacraments and the Decalogue. This perfectly connects to literal purity. More specifically, in the article on the apocalyptic effects of artificial birth control,xiv we derive two great sub-dimensions:

  • Literal contraception begets complete moral collapse
  • Spiritual contraception in truth and grace is the antecedent to literal impurity

A generation ago, Blessed Pope Paul VI (the great) projected out of the infallible, bountiful treasure of God’s truths—that is, the formal Catholic teaching on faith and morals since Christ left this earth—that if artificial birth control became widespread in practice and acceptance, it would spell moral doom for the world, that it would lead to a near total collapse of morality as we know it.

This opens up the doorway to understand the process of loss of faith over the last millennium: spiritual contraception progresses, and when complete, gives birth to fully apostate, immoral culture. Toward this end, we realize that spiritual contraception first begins within Christ’ Body, the Church. For, it is the division of the disciples figuratively obstructing part of Jesus’ truths and graces which He desires to give them that is paving the way toward a total human act of contraception: receiving nothing of salvific value from God. To build on these realities, we can now examine each group of Christian division and how, and to what degree, it refuses to accept the love Christ desires to give. Firstly, remember that there are two forms of rift in Christ’s Body, schism, which is minor, and heresy, which is severe. Obviously, these divulge historically, in the larger sense, to Orthodoxy and Protestantism.

The Schismatics

As just mentioned, the Orthodox differ with us only in a minor way. They possess true Apostolic Succession, they have Tradition, and therefore they have all seven sacraments in validity. The main issues are their contesting of Peter, the Filioque, and their speculative consideration of the Catholic doctrinal development since the schism at the juncture of the first and second millenniums of the Church. Much of it they do accept, but some they debate.

Predictably, then, precisely because their doctrinal rift with us is light, their disputes on the Virgin are minor as well. In fact, of the five primary Marian dogmas, they more or less only contest one, and appropriately, this is the one on purity, the Immaculate Conception. Actually, they do not contest that she lived a life free from all sin. They mainly simply deny the doctrine of original sin itself. Otherwise, they accept her Divine Maternity, her Perpetual Virginity, her Intercessory role, and her Assumption.

Moving on to sexuality, the Orthodox have some impurities. They allow limited divorce and remarriage. “Orthodox canon law can permit a second and even a third marriage ‘in economia, but strictly forbids a fourth.”xv Toward that end, with a keener view of the sacredness of the sacrament of marriage, they treat the remarriages in a more penitential light. “[D]ivorce and remarriage are only permitted in the context of ‘economia’, that is, out of pastoral care, out of understanding for weakness. A second or third marriage will always be a deviation from the ‘ideal and unique marriage”.xvi As for artificial birth control, there does not appear to be a full consensus amongst the Churches. Currently, the general East seems, overall, to permit limited contraception:

The use of contraceptives and other devices for birth control is on the whole strongly discouraged in the Orthodox Church. Some bishops and theologians altogether condemn the employment of such methods. Others, however, have recently begun to adopt a less strict position, and urge that the question is best left to the discretion of each individual couple, in consultation with the spiritual father”xvii

Concerning contraceptives and other forms of birth control, differing opinions exist within the Orthodox Church. In the past birth control was in general strongly condemned, but today a less strict view is coming to prevail, not only in the west but in traditional Orthodox countries. Many Orthodox theologians and spiritual fathers consider that the responsible use of contraception within marriage is not in itself sinful. In their view, the question of how many children a couple should have, and at what intervals, is best decided by the partners themselves, according to the guidance of their own consciences”xviii

The Heretics

What about the hardened heretics? Obviously their doctrinal attack is severe. They have rejected the Succession and Tradition and accept only Scripture. Moreover, precisely without the Church’s guidance, they confound the Scriptures ad infinitum with practically any heresy under the sun that you can think of somewhere in the ocean of their chaos.

And lo and behold, as we may expect, their assault on Mary, at least from the conservative ones, is effectively complete.

  • Mary is NOT the Mother of God [at least the expression]
  • Mary is NOT a Perpetual Virgin
  • Mary is NOT an Intercessor
  • Mary is NOT Assumed
  • Mary is NOT Immaculate

These are all intuitive from Mary as pure and faithful: Mary, as Mother of the Divine Son, is intimately united to God because within Her, God dwells. God derives flesh and life from her into His Being. But to the degree that one separates from the Body of Christ, too, they rip the Mother of the Divine from Her Savior.

Mary is a perpetual virgin because spouse-hood is permanent, inseparable. Mary, having as her Divine Spouse the Spirit, and since this spouse-hood is supreme and eternal in light of her irrevocable role as the Mother of the God-man and Savior, Jesus the Christ, the Anointed One, it cannot be extinguished. Therefore, for Mary to join herself to a mere mortal is unthinkable. Yet, too, the heretics have greatly separated themselves from the Body of Christ, and so see no harm in ripping the Ever-Pure Virgin away from her infinite Spouse and bring her to a mere carnal person, however holy.

Mary as Intercessor implies several realities, firstly, the very actuality of intercession itself. Intercession is supreme doctrine that flows from the communion of saints and, in particular, the union God has established between heaven, purgatory, and earth, the loving and profound society of Gods’ Holy ones: the ones in battle, with the victory yet sought after, and those who have won the victory, whether suffering because of justice, or utterly champions before the throne of the Beatific Vision. Hence, if heretics radically separate themselves from the Body of Christ, how much more will they tear heaven and earth apart, as well as reject the winners who suffer. Indeed, God has both mercy and justice as dual attributes of His Divine Being, which do not conflict but complement one another. Consequently, when, again, the heretics severely separate from Christ, they distort both aspects of God, thereby creating a false dichotomy in mercy [on the one hand, presumption (“I have no need of mercy”), and on the other hyper-apprehension (“I will never be forgiven, I am not worthy of mercy”)] , so that with these extremes of Divine mercy, justice itself becomes polarized as well, which is to say, those who are forgiven are forgiven all debt, and those who are not receive the full sentence of eternal fire. As it stands, then, the suffering souls become nonexistent. All this, once again, murders the communion of saints and thereby sets up a conception of existence that places heavenly creatures lacking any real specific awareness for creatures on earth. All the more, then, will they attack the supreme intercession of intercessions, that of the Immaculate Virgin.

With regard to Our Lady’s Assumption, in separating from the Church, unlike the Orthodox, who retain effectively the fullness of Divine Life in all seven sacraments, the heretics have lost, through intrinsic necessity, five of the seven sacraments, the ones that require the holy orders. With such great supernatural life tragically lost, how can they not also project that loss of life upon the Virgin, so that she has lost life and remains so until the Resurrection at the end of time? For, Jesus the Christ said, I am the Resurrection, the Way, and the Life, and if His Mother is the supreme partaker of His Divine Nature, even fully and spotlessly, how can she not most completely participate in His Resurrection. Hence, the heretics deny Her Assumption.

Finally, the Virgin is pure, and the heretics are very much impure doctrinally and must therefore vehemently assault Her most Chaste and Pure Heart.

And as for sexuality, it just continues as above: Protestantism tends to have unlimited divorce and remarriage. And even more diabolical to this is the fact that Luther demoted marriage out of a sacramental union and down to a merely civil one. Indeed, too, heretics, with their innumerable heresies, are in spiritual contraception to a supreme degree, far more than the Orthodox, so that the Orthodox appropriately accepting minimal artificial birth control, the heretics tend to have any form of birth control, which is to say, they will use not only barriers but, if they are not aware of the implications, chemicals. We can recall the wonderful man in Catholic evangelization, Steve Ray, who has recounted in sharing his testimony that when he was still journeying in Protestantism, he nevertheless, by the grace of God, chose to bless the Lord with a larger family. The funny thing was that time and again, when he would visit Protestant churches, he would get chastised by fellow church members for being so generous with life.

This, of course, is not to incriminate merely a lot of Protestants or Orthodox. For, to be sure, it is a very unfortunate fact that, quite probably, most “Catholics” in western civilization are contraceptors with few children. Yet, here is the point: those Catholics who contracept literally are usually contraceptors in a spiritual sense toward the Church as well: they do not accept the Church’s authority, like evangelicals; they do no accept the moral doctrines, and they are not Marian, which is to say, they have no real personal relationship with Mary or Jesus, they do not pray the Rosary daily, and just go through the motions.

The point, then, overall, is effectively definitive: the more one attacks Church doctrine, the more one will attack Mary and descend into impure teachings on sexuality.*

*Note: admittedly, only until the Great Depression of the 20th century did non-Catholic Christians begin to depart on contraception. Here, however, I would appeal to the reality that Jesus said when the severe rains come down to batter the houses built on sand, they come crashing down. In this regard, I would say that, as hinted at above in the doctrinal development discourse, Christian division begets loss of faith, and when spiritual desolation becomes complete, the weather is poised to assault the houses of God. Then, at those times, the only houses that can fully whether the storm are those built on the most solid foundation. Consequently, the Catholic house is built on the rock of Peter, the Orthodox houses are build on strong, but not fully sturdy, earth, and the Protestant houses are built on the shifting sand,xix This would then clearly explain why in our modern age, the age of supreme desolation, the Orthodox are caving in a little under the weight of the world in purity, and Protestantism is caving in even worse. That is, when the world is fully impure doctrinally and literally, they shall bring wrath upon the merely spiritually contraceptive, and to the degree that one’s spiritual contraception is great, so shall literal contraception follow.

Another point to make here is to recall from above that by the perennial wisdom of St Paul VI, the great, artificial birth control is the seed of total moral collapse. This then establishes a profound corollary to our thoughts: if Mary, the Mother of God, Ever-Virgin, Undefiled, is the Queen of the pure sexuality, then she is by way of implication Queen of all love and holiness, that is, the moral law, and the moral law cannot be lived except by grace; and the seven greatest sources of grace are the sacraments. Consequently, the whole faith mysteriously resides in her, for She is Queen of Revelation, or truth in the Church, She is Queen of the moral life and sacraments, and, coupled with her immeasurably loving and pondering heart in prayer, the whole faith lives and breaths within her! How therefore can we not proclaim her Co-Redemptirix?


Consequently, from an entire other dimension within the above components of prophecy, we now come to the reality of a modern prodigy of prodigies in Private Revelation: Fatima! More specifically, it is now the 103rd anniversary of the commencement of what has been considered the greatest of all approved apparitions of the Church, and we are anticipating now for many decades the glorious Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, the age of peace referenced above, heralded by the Ever-Virgin Mother of the God-Man herself as an unconditional reality that shall come with or without the dreaded annihilation of nations or any other such negative prophecies of Hers that remain unfulfilled. Once again, the plethora of fully approved approved revelations down through the centuries only support the claims of Fatima, in that they seem to suggest, that toward the end of the world, a period of spiritual desolation, or minor apostasy and associated tribulation, will descend, after which shall occur this same age of peace,xx with the same glorious reunion of Christians succeeding it, enabling the renewal of humanity into the Church. From this, nearly all men will live the Gospel in love. The ultimate darkness of great apostasy only comes after these developments, which is to say, after humanity has had a chance to digest, through their cooperating free will, the benevolence and beauty of the Trinity, its truths, and its love.xxi

And all this comes from Mary, our Mother and the Mother of the Son. It is her heart, channeling the perennial graces of Jesus, that will bring humanity, including the hardened heretics, back, which is to say, that same reunion of Christians. Now, we may ask, what do these things have to do with our discourse on the mysterious union of Mary, the Church’s truth, and human sexuality? Well, firstly, Sister Lucia said that the final confrontation to attain the resolution of grace will be in the family and human sexuality.

But also, to present one last dimension to the thesis here, I will argue that Apocalypse comes to our rescue, and this, by first probing the familiar and beautiful theology of Old Eve and New Eve. Yes, though the Church has yet to define the Immaculate Woman of Women as the Co-Redemptirx, I offer that Mary’s unique role in the mediation of Christ’s grace and truth emanates not merely from the discussion thus far with the triad mystery, but that it finds, once again, very appropriate imagery in the Revelation of St. John. Let us examine it.

The Old Eve vs. the New Eve, the Individual Sense

The parallel between the New Eve and the Seal of God [Apoc 7], and the Old Eve and the Mark of the Beast, [Apoc 13] illustrate the Redemption and Fall in Genesis and the Gospels most effectively. To begin, we are all acquainted with the Old and New Eve: all that Eve did in sin is healed through the Virgin; that is, all acts of the Old Eve were rectified by the loving works of the New Eve. Let us recall:

  • The Old Eve was indispensable to the fall of man. Without her initial fall, Old Adam’s fall may not have occurred. The New Eve was indispensable to the redemption of man. Without her fiat and intercession at Cana, the New Adam’s entrance into the world and Ministry may have been frustrated.
  • The Old Eve received a message from an evil spirit and believed it in her mind, in her intellect, behind her forehead. The New Eve received a message from a holy spirit and believed it in her mind, in her intellect, behind her forehead.
  • The Old Eve followed the evil message, fully understood the implications, and reached out with her hand and ripped the creation away from the tree of life of her Creator in order that she might control it with her will.
  • The New Eve accepted the holy message, though she did not fully understand, and, in love and humility, opened her hands to receive the gift of God, which was not the creation but the Creator, in order that He might dwell in her and author herwill.
  • The Old Eve did not allow the creation to dwell on a tree of life but took it in obstinate opposition to God’s will. The New Eve allowed the Creatorto dwell on the tree of death in loving conformity with God’s will.

The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

After these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that they should not blow upon the earth, nor upon the sea, nor on any tree. [2] And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, [3] Saying: Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads.And I heard the number of them that were signed, an hundred forty-four thousand were signed, of every tribe of the children of Israel. [Apoc 7:1-3]

And I beheld, and lo a lamb stood upon mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty-four thousand, having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads. [2] And I heard a voice from heaven, as the noise of many waters, and as the voice of great thunder; and the voice which I heard, was as the voice of harpers, harping on their harps. [3] And they sung as it were a new canticle, before the throne, and before the four living creatures, and the ancients; and no man could say the canticle, but those hundred forty-four thousand, who were purchased from the earth. [4] These are they who were not defiled with women: for they are virgins. These follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were purchased from among men, the firstfruits to God and to the Lamb: [5] And in their mouth there was found no lie; for they are without spot before the throne of God. [Apoc 14:1-5]

And he seduced them that dwell on the earth, for the signs, which were given him to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make the image of the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and lived. [15] And it was given him to give life to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever will not adore the image of the beast, should be slain.[16]And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads.[17] And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six. [Apoc 13:14-18]

So we have the forehead and the hand. The Old Eve and the New Eve each fulfill this profound imagery in their being and actions! The New Woman of Women, the Co-Redeeming one, fully receives the truths and mystery of God into her intellect—her forehead—the first faculty of soul, and makes the works of her hands—the acts of her will—the second faculty of soul, holy and righteous, whereas the Old Eve, the seed of the fall, rejects the truths of God in her forehead, fills them with lies, and makes the works of her hands evil.

How profound then, that here—in a text where Fundamentalists see a literal collection of 144,000 Jewish persons being protected from literal physical harm at the very end of the world—the seal of God, in one layer of meaning, can rather image all that is true and holy in one’s mind: to be protected from the lies of the evil one. Similarly, rather than microchips, the mark of the beast can image all that is a lie and evil, that is, to fully deny all God’s truths in one’s mind, and to make one’s will fully obstinate, doing what one pleases instead of forming one’s conscience to follow.

Indeed, the Seal of God simply cannot be literal, as if Christians, or even specifically Catholics, should be spared the physical harm of wind, fire or sea, for we know that human suffering comes upon sinners and saints alike. For that matter, suffering of some degree, being truly necessary for salvation, is in fact salvific, purifying the sinner and enabling him to unite it to the cross, even to help, mysteriously, redeem other sinners. And consequently, we have that the Virgin most perfectly receives this Seal of God upon her intellect, for in that same mind of Her Chaste Heart, she believes all truths that the Divine should seek to penetrate her inner soul with, and in her hands is done the will of God in all sincerity and docile love. Subsequently, the extension of this mystic Seal to the aforementioned symbolic 144,000 can most appropriately image the Church Militant herself, whose members assent to all that God desires to give Her in way of the truth and mystery. Indeed, as we just saw, all that is proposed by the universal and ordinary Magisterium of the Church is true, pure and holy, just as the Virgin utterly receives all truth, purity, and holiness into her being, and therefore, whosoever places his ultimate trust in the Catholic Church to guide him in the way of the sure teachings of Christ shall receive a Seal in the intellect, the infallible Church that cannot lead him astray. In this way, the mystical union of Mary with the Church in the way of truth is solidified.

Moreover, in the text that elaborates on the beautiful disciples of the Mystical Lamb in Apocalypse 14, the re-occurrence of the 144,000, we see very emphatically the stress on their purity, especially sexual. Now, admittedly, the sexuality here is figurative, but, we have seen that literal sexual purity is essential for a society to live justly. As St JPII put it, as the family goes, so goes society. If a civilization wants to scoff at the necessity of chastity in all regards—which is to say, embracing contraception, adultery, divorce, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, and all other forms of depravity—they invite collapse! For if man and wife lie to one another in the marital act—saying to one another, I give myself totally, but then, physically, place barriers to their love—how can they speak the truth to themselves out of the bedroom, or to their children? And if fertility, from which comes a priceless person that is infinite in value, is just regarded as biology, how can a world escape considering the human person just biology? And if human beings are just things, or biological machines, how then can one have morality at all, since without the soul and priceless nature of the human person, one has no basis for morality? With such a paramount significance, how can literal sexuality not be an essential mystical component to faith and well-being? And hence, why not see a literal dimension in the Lamb’s 144,000? Consequently, all these three constructs are inseparable from one another, tied together by Mary’s Perennial, Immaculate Heart!

By way of corollary then, Eve, in her fall, is the clear antithesis of these: total distrust in God’s revelation, total rejection of His love, and supreme disobedience of God—taking the creation from Him as the ultimate end itself in place of the Creator. Recall this theology that was discussed in the ecclesiology of the loaves and fishes:xxii Heretics lose five sacraments [five loaves] and retain only two [two fish], baptism and marriage. There, we saw that baptism and marriage, in their ultimate signs, image all principles of goodness:

  • Baptism: faith and repentance, or knowing and loving God
  • Marriage: seeking the heavenly marriage in the next life, or to be happy with God forever in that next life

The antithesis was then predictable:

  • Anti-Baptism: no faith, no repentance, as in, atheism or relativism—no faith in what God has revealed or indifference to it—and no morals, again, relativism: the moral law is whatever I want it to be.
  • Anti-Marriage [apocalyptic]: materialism, seeking ultimate happiness in the creation in this life, rather than in the Creator in the next life

Clearly, the Old Eve fulfills this perfectly: Eve has no faith, which is to say, she chooses to reject God’s revelation of the tree and fruit by falling for the dragon’s lie. Then, she has no repentance, taking the fruit. Finally, she chooses materialism, or the creation over the Creator as her ultimate end.

Conclusively, the Apocalypse texts here, most profoundly image what we have seen: Mary is pure in forehead and hand [the Seal, Apocalypse 7]. The Church, through her infallible teaching, is pure in the forehead [the 144,000, Apoc 7], and human sexuality is a central mystery of purity, the foundation of all other morality [the pure virgins, undefiled, Apoc 14]


To encapsulate our treatise finally, we have shown that, at a bare minimum, an unbreakable link between the Virgin and the mystical truths She emanates, the Purity of the Church’s teaching, and literal human sexuality exists, such that where any are attacked, so to the same degree are the others. Moreover, we have seen that literal human sexuality is most supremely connected to the entire moral law, being itself the decisive seed of all moral collapse, so that the whole moral law is caught up in complete essence with it. Furthermore, we saw that where the moral law is, there must be grace, for “with man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” And grace flows most perfectly through the sacraments. Finally, the Virgin’s prayers are the most powerful of all, and so the entire faith of the Catechism is in Her Bosom: Creed, Sacraments, Moral Life, Prayer!

Is it no wonder that Mary is at the center of the conversion of hardened heretics. All dimensions of their blindness are within Her. So then, clearly, the chastisement will need to draw forth all these elements to bring back the poor hyper-conservative Protestants. They will need to discover the heart of the Virgin, which brings forth Her unique closeness to Jesus as Mother of God. They will need to see the exclusiveness and permanence of marriage, so that Joseph cannot displace the Spirit, just as a man cannot “divorce his wife and marry another.” They will need to realize that just as we lovingly intercede for one another on earth, how could not the blessed souls and angels offer loving petitions for us? Too, they shall need to see the life that flows from Jesus into Mary, by the power of the sacraments in his church, so that the closer the Protestants get to a mystical liturgy of ritual, the more they shall see the Divine life in Her, in Her Translated Body in Heaven. And finally the more they see the plain and sobering truth about contraception, the more pure their hearts shall become, and the more purity they will see in Her.

Therefore, since Mary carries the whole faith, and all these things, in her being, how can we not call her, Co-Redemptrix?

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