Why I Wrote this Book

Welcome; this website has been built to promote what I hope to be a forthcoming book, which is nearing completion. A little about me: I am a revert to the Catholic Church. When I found her again, it very much relieved me of much spiritual suffering and uncertainty. When I found the stability and love of Catholicism, my life was changed forever. But soon after finding this, I truly wanted to make sure I had found the truth again. I studied apologetics, and it solidified my faith.

However, I am a perpetual student, learner, pondering one. I don’t like to stop growing. I had been exposed to both extremes of apocalypse in youth, the Fundamentalists, then the typical preterist view. I had even also learned of the middle road but anti-Catholic view of SDAs. Well, having mastered apologetics, I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that these would be the only options. I later learned that Catholicism also admits, in addition to preterism, the layers of idealism and historicism.

This sparked within me simply meditation to see how one might look at things from a spiritual perspective, and even perhaps not merely the Early Church or the very end of the world, but spiritual phases of history between these extremes. More specifically, we have these extremes of details in the beginning phase of Church history with preterism and then futurism, with details of the very end of Church history, and yet, it leaves so much profound and moving history untouched. What about the early heresies against Trinity and Incarnation and Islam? What about the Great Schism of East and West? What about the moral decline of the clergy in late Middle Ages, the Protestant Rebellion, and the so-called Enlightenment, which claimed death for supernatural religion, retaining only natural religion in reason?

And what about the secular apostasy of today? The godlessness, the near moral collapse in the European societies and their derivatives? Will Our Lady triumph over these horrors, reunite Christendom and bring peace for a great time? Or is this the beginning of the end?

How can all these spiritual developments not be foreseen in Scripture, even apocalypse?

I have been pondering these questions for a decade. I would have left it behind, but the meanings and appropriateness of all kinds of Scripture outside of apocalypse and in analogies and Catholic doctrine just continued to come together, in a synthesis, in a whole, like the faith itself. The meanings were so wonderfully appropriate, I just couldn’t get over them.

This book is an attempt to share these meditations. Are these meditations guaranteed to be true? And am I suggesting that they must be true? Well, of course, no! But I am offering them to be considered. I am suggesting them, to the faithful, to the Church. Moreover, I have felt called to share them, and encouraged by so many dear friends who are faithful, beautiful Catholics, that I feel that I must finally put them in writing, as a synthesized whole.

Before you leave, just make sure you understand: this is not sensational. There are no nations really in this book. No literal times and durations, no earthquakes or other such nonsense. No war scenarios. Any interpretations are purely on the level of Catholic doctrine, on the level of things that can only be found implicitly or explicitly in the Catechism.

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